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Mamun Smrity Public High School

Mamun Smrity Public High School (MSPHS) is an educational institution (Play Group-10th class) located in Sontia Bazar area of Digpaith union in Jamalpur district of Bangladesh. The school began its journey in 1990. The school has already become one of the best educational institutions in Jamalpur district. The institution, growing from a Kindergarten to a Junior School and then to a Secondary School, has now emerged as a leading school in Jamalpur. The school is committed to provide intellectual, social, cultural and economic benefits to communities through programs of education, co-curriculum activities. Currently, a three-storied building is under construction of the school.

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About Mamunur Rashid

We respectfully remember the person in whose name the school was founded.

Late A.K.M. Mamunur Rashid (Manju)

Born: 1954
Died: 6th December, 1978.

Mamunur Rashid Manju is the only son of Moulvi Mofiz Uddin Sir. Mamun is classmate and cousin of the founder of the school. Mamunur Rashid died of liver cirrhosis on December 6, 1978 while studying in the third year of LLB (Honors) at Dhaka University (DU). The school was named Mamun Smrity Public High School (MSPHS) after him.

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Regular Students

Dr. Atiur Rahman

Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank

Atiur Rahman is a Bangladeshi development economist, writer and banker. He served as the 10th Governor of Bangladesh Bank, which is the central bank of Bangladesh.



Advocate, Supreme Court

Advocate Md. Khalilur Rahman engaged in legal profession in the Supreme Court in 1954 in Jamalpur district.


prof. Md. abdul hamid

Chairman, MSPHS

The entrance of our Jamalpur district is at the southern end of Sadar upazila on the Dhaka-Jamalpur highway Digpait Union No. 14 is situated next to the river Bangshai.

Head Sir Photo


Head Teacher, MSPHS

Mamun Smrity Public School is the name of a blooming rose. The seeds of this rose were planted in 1990.

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